Ordinary lives are the result of a world narrowing as life progresses beyond childhood. Extraordinary lives exceed goals, fulfill dreams, and make a difference in the world of their sphere of influence.

Living an extraordinary life requires upending your perspective and looking at the world with the same awe, curiosity, and wonder of your youth, intensified with the wisdom of your age and experience.

To live an extraordinary life, you’ll need some extraordinary guidance.

The Perspective Catalyst

Trevor Perry is your guide. He is an influential and motivational storyteller, author, speaker, coach, and technologist. His Australian heritage and life experiences offer him a unique perspective, allowing him to translate complex topics into straightforward concepts. Trevor continues to make a difference in the lives of people from all cultures around the globe.

Trevor believes we are all extraordinary. Through storytelling and coaching, he motivates people to find and follow their passion. He guides people, in groups, or one-on-one, to build their transformative roadmap to achieve their dreams and unfulfilled goals.

Trevor challenges, entertains, delights, and reveals ordinary things in new and extraordinary ways.