What The F*** Was I Meant To Do?

You are a curious engaged human. You know you have something that is your calling, your passion, your purpose. You have a desire to follow that passion and a new path.

However, you’ve been struggling with defining what that passion could be. You need a hand with determining exactly what the unique you has to offer the world, what stirs your molecules, and where you will be the most passionate.

This session will take you through a series of exercises, asking questions about you, your life, and things that stir you. These steps can be followed after the session to continue the discovery of your personal passion.

You’ll leave with:

  1. A sense of your own uniqueness
  2. A desire to find your personal passion
  3. Practical steps to act on to continue a lifelong journey
  4. Motivation to realize your full potential on this planet
  5. An understanding of what the F*** were you meant to do

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