Never Iron When You Are Naked

Does work fill your life? Have you ever heard the term “spare time” and wondered what it meant? Are you stuck in a rut and see little hope of change in the perceivable future? 

If you are looking for a catalyst of change, this session will give you practical ideas on how to find ways to add depth to your life outside work. 

As a result, your life be enriched and you will find your productivity at work will improve. If you consider that you already have a “life”, this session will offer ideas to add depth and balance to enhance the quality of your life. 

You, too, can change the balance of work in your life, and put more life in your work. 

You’ll leave with:

1. Practical ideas of ways to add depth to your life outside of work. 

2. How to enrich your life. 

3. How to improve your productivity at work. 

4. What steps you can take to refresh your perspective

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